Amica | Design of a new line of induction hobs

The external design of the new line of induction hobs recently launched by Amica is the product of the cooperation between the company's R&D and product management departments and the industrial design department at Soul & Mind. As requested by the client, we designed three lines of prints for induction hobs whose visual and performance characteristics not only attract consumers, but also introduce high-end technology into the kitchen. Each line was designed in a way to make the hobs as user-friendly as possible.

When working on each project, Soul & Mind attaches key importance to designing user experience (UX). Our idea for the graphic symbols of the control panels and the designation of the heating zones was to make the equipment intuitive and convenient. When we prepare meals, we are often forced to do several things at once which is why it is so important to have equipment that is easy to use. Therefore, besides transparent control panels, we have introduced other solutions such as the matt finish of the heating zones which indicates the location where a frying pan or pot should be put and protects the surface from scratching. Another benefit of the solution is that it gives the equipment a modern look.

The effects of our joint design process may be seen on the producer’s website –  – and in the largest retail shops almost everywhere in the continent.

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