Litex | Furniture not only for the garden

Garden furniture is purchased to last many years which is why people expect it to be durable and resistant to changing fashions. As a result, the market has been dominated by heavy, formulaic furniture in subdued colours. This convention is broken by “Ivo – furniture not only for the garden”, a project conceived by Soul and Mind’s designer Dorota Dębska and awarded by the Ministry of culture and National Heritage.

Light, carefully crafted and using bright and pleasant colours, the design proves that the furniture we use in our gardens, homes, terraces or patios does not have to be boring.

The design of Ibo furniture was inspired by nature and the human need to say in touch with the natural environment, including in a big city. Seated in an Ibo chair, you can feel as if you were wrapped up in a leaf. Closeness to nature is also emphasised by the cylindrical recess in the middle of the table. After removing its tray-like lid, the recess becomes a perfect place for a flower pot.

The chairs have been made out of metal sheets with special cut outs that not only ensure air circulation and let rainwater through to prevent it from accumulating on the seat, but also resemble leaf veins to match the general convention of the set. What is more, the cut outs can be used to fasten specially designed cushions that do not slide down and make the chairs even more comfortable.

The awarded set of furniture is now offered by Litex under the name IVO.

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