MAXCOM | Design of phone dedicated to seniors

Task: designing a phone dedicated to seniors.

Maxcom, which is the Polish leading company in the market of phones for users over 50 years old, engaged us to develop a new design of its phone.
Our main goal was to design a device distinguishable from the ones offered by the competition. Based on the target group research, we’ve singled out the most important features in the area of offered functionality and ergonomic solutions that have been taken into account at the design stage. It was of particularly importance that the objectives of the new design had to equally realize functional goals and the ones associated with the attractive look. Therefore, we’ve combined the elegance of the shape with a clear and easy-to-use interface.
Descriptions of the numeric keypad are “black and white” so that they are legible and easy to use. Switches assigned to the flashlight and key lock are sliders making their use intuitive and simple. To increase the user sense of security, we’ve assigned one of the keyboard buttons to the ICE function. It is an international abbreviation  for “In Case of Emergency”. No matter where the user is, it will allow emergency services to immediately find phone numbers of the user’s closest family members. Owing to the very good cooperation with the Client at all stages of the project, we’ve created a phone with the features distinguishing it from the competition, thereby facilitating our Client effective marketing communication of the product.

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