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Our team is made up of several dozen experts in design, strategy, digital solutions, PR, project design and photography.

We combine customer expertise with our own experience, know-how and creativity. We develop strategies for brands and then select the tools (both online and offline) that will help effectively achieve the pre-defined objectives. With experience going back almost 30 years and a unique mix of competences, we know how to approach each task comprehensively and efficiently.

Meet part of our strategic team:

Maciej Zaremba

Maciej Zaremba

CEO & Chief Strategy Officer

28 years in the marketing sector. Has co-created brand
and communication strategies as well as systems supporting sales
and long-term customer relations for many brands from very different sectors such as Monini, Diamant, Eurocash, Weber Saint-Gobain, Koelner, Develey, Johnnie Walker Black Label, West, BALMA furniture producer, Schulstadt, Lech Pils, Hawle and many others.
Has participated in design projects for such brands as: Amica, Novitus, MaxCom, and Farmtrac. Has completed many courses, including Oxford Strategic Innovation Program; IDEO U -Unlocking Creativity, Designing Strategy; Designing Business; Insights for Innovation; and holds the following certificates: IDEO U - Foundations in Design Thinking; Business Innovation Certificate, The Interaction Design Foundation - User Experience; Emotional Design. Teaches students at Poznan School
of Banking.

Bartek Janiszewski

Head of Creation

Has worked in the sector since 2000 and implemented creation projects for companies such as Eurocash, Kompania Piwowarska SA, Nestle Polska, Maspex, Nivea, Polska, Mokate Sp. z o.o., Jutrzenka SA, Imperial Tobacco Polska SA., Stock Polska, E.Wedel, and Żabka Polska. The projects were mainly focused on various aspects of branding, visual design and strategic consultancy. Certified Design Thinking Moderator.

 Bartek Janiszewski
 prof. Jacek Kall

prof. Jacek Kall

New Horizons Explorer

Has completed nearly 200 research projects, including WBK, Netia, Śnieżka, Big Star, Fawor, Delecta, Hochland Polska, Rockwool Polska, Winkhaus Polska, Goplana, and Kotlin. Professor at Poznan School
of Banking. Author of many books, including Managing Brand Portfolios, Managing Brands, Creating Strong Brands, Product Strategy and over 80 articles on promotion, advertising and brands.

Mariusz Bocianowski

Partner & Trade Marketing Expert

His expertise is in providing consultancy services to effectively combine marketing plans with activities that have an impact on sales growth and commercial implementation. He uses his 20 years’ experience in trade marketing gained in the FMCG sector to design marketing processes. Specialises in identifying marketing needs and adapting trade marketing tools to the market reality, new trade trends, sales systems and the SFA tools that are indispensable to implement these effectively. His role is to develop partner relations as well as build brand strength and awareness.

Mariusz Bocianowski
 Bartek Mikosz

Bartek Mikosz

Project Director & Design Management

Is responsible for industrial design and Design Thinking.
Manages projects in the area of product and services design for different sectors, including automotive, household goods, consumer electronics, industrial machines, agricultural machines and others.
Has carried out design projects for companies such as: Amica, Zelmer, Romet, Melex, Autosan, Hendi (Netherlands), Farmtrac Europe, Escorts Group (India), Metalfach, Kwazar, Vammas, Novitus, Maxcom, Eckert
and many other companies from different sectors. Graduated from MA Studies in Management in Marketing at the Faculty of Law and Administration, Adam Mickiewicz University, and post-graduate studies in Design Management

Marcin Stefański

Head of Digital

Having worked for over 25 years in the advertising sector, he applies his expertise also to digital marketing. He deals with strategy consulting which combines the online domain with the areas of marketing and sales. Has implemented many strategy and communication projects
in the digital channel for different sectors on the Polish market.
His responsibility in S&M is the digital team charged with webdesign, webdevelopment, social media, FB Ads, Google Ads and analytics, among others. Has completed numerous training sessions and courses in digital and performance marketing; holds valid Google certificates confirming his competences in Google Ads.

 Marcin Stefański
 Anita Zaremska - Trzaska

Anita Zaremska - Trzaska

Strategic Planner

Has spent over 20 years in the marketing sector. Her professional portfolio contains dozens of completed projects: from building brand strategies and rebranding to implementing image and sales campaigns based on ATL, BTL and digital marketing. Is experienced in the area
of services marketing (for banking, education and entertainment).
Has worked for such brands as: Haelios, Spółdzielcza Grupa Bankowa, and TEB Edukacja. Graduate of MA Studies in Management and Marketing, Gdansk University, and PhD Studies at the Chair of Marketing Strategy, Poznan University of Economics and Business. Teaches post-graduate students at Poznan School of Banking and delivers training sessions focused on the management of marketing activities
in companies.


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