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Packaging design

What do customers take into account when selecting specific brands and making purchase decisions? Among the many factors at play, it is enormously important that the customer identifies with the brand. What does this mean in practice? The values, lifestyle and objectives shared by the customer need to be expressed by means of everyday communication, product use and packaging design. Precisely what we do at Soul and Mind.

The image of the brand and its products needs to be consistent to ensure efficient everyday communication with the target group. Therefore, the designed logotype and visual identity must be the same at each stage of interaction between the customer and the brand and, more importantly, they must be visible on packaging, labels and any other communication materials.

Packaging as part of the brand’s “storytelling”

The changing trends, lifestyles, shopping customs and consumer expectations have a major impact on each business area. Ordering, production and delivery models keep evolving. All of this has made an impact on packaging design.

Today, packaging does more than just protect the product during transport. It is increasingly part of a brand’s “storytelling”. It is an extension of the image and experiences offered by product design. Its job is to attract attention, make a good first impression on customers, evoke emotions and generate excitement. For many companies it is part of the consumer’s journey.

Thus, packaging plays a special role in the overall consumer experience, being strictly related to the consumer’s lifestyle and value system as well as recent trends. Customers buy lifestyle and emotions, not just the product. This is why product and packaging design should be thought of very early on. An effective brand is one that is expressive and recognisable – the first thing that “talks” to the customer is visual brand identity.

Customer experience boosted by packaging

It goes without saying that both brick-and-mortar shops and online stores have pushed the boundaries of the shopping experience. Classic foil packaging or ordinary boxes are no longer enough. Consumers expect personalised and tailor-made solutions at each stage of the purchase process. So it is of key importance to step into your customer’s shoes and follow all the stages of the process he or she goes through before making a purchase decision – from the moment the product is displayed in a shop environment to the moment of selection to the actual use of the product.

Integral part of the product and brand

Packaging is an integral part of products and brands. The key is to accept the fact that this is important for both parties, as packaging not only protects and displays the product, but also represents the brand. Layout creation is therefore an enormously important element of building the brand’s visual identity. Packaging is not only about the graphic and aesthetic elements. It is also about communication with the customer based on highlighting differentiators, well-designed message architecture and brand coherence. It is precisely thanks to smart packaging design that we can attract the attention of the prospective customer and then “convince” him or her to buy the product.

As specialists in packaging design and commercial graphics we design packaging and labels that “make the difference” on the shelf. We specialise in commercial graphics, branding and packaging design – we will take care of your brand by preparing packaging, labels and coherent end-to-end visual identity that will reflect the values differentiating the brand against other, similar products.

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